Apple App Store To Reach Billionth Download Mark In April

Apple has started the celebrations as its App Store nears its one billionth downloaded application milestone. To mark this occasion, the company is planning a new competition.

Punters will be enlisted to win a $10,000 iTunes Gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule, and a MacBook Pro just by going to the iTunes store, browsing the App Store and downloading any app.

Users can download up to 25 applications per day, giving interested parties, in theory, around 300 chances or so to win. There's no purchase necessary but users must be 13 years old or more to participate

5 million applications are downloaded on average every day with this number growing as the number of iPod touch and iPhones as well as Instore applications grow over time.

More than 25,000 applications are currently available with significantly more expected to be launched as the third iPhone is launched.

The 500 millionth download milestone was reached way back on the 16th of January. At this rate, more than 3 billion applications will have been downloaded by the end of this year.

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Our Comments

Apple has struck Plutonium (rather than just gold). The App store has the ability to revolutionise the way applications are consumed. Microsoft, Google and other tech giants have not been able to make life as easy as Apple did. Should Apple decide to open its platform and license the technology to third parties, the company could well become the biggest tech company ever.

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