Business Continuity Management – Horses for Courses

If you have the luxury of appointing a business continuity Manager, careful consideration should be given to where the role should sit.

Often, the IT department is seen as a good place, one reason being that they may already have some IT recovery plans or solutions in place.

However, it’s usually better for the business continuity Manager’s role to reside within the business, rather than the IT department. Otherwise, there’s a danger that business continuity is seen as an IT issue rather than a business issue and, consequently, of the business failing to get properly involved.

All too often, inappropriate solutions are implemented by well meaning IT departments working from an invalid set of assumptions. No disrespect to IT people, but the business generally knows best what the business needs, so engaging them fully in the process is essential.

So think carefully about where the business continuity function should sit within the organisation. Either way, it’s crucial that IT and the business work in partnership if the business continuity programme is to be successful.