Nokia In Talks With ECS Over Netbook?

Nokia's plans to build a Netbook Or Laptop have been confirmed by the China-based Economic Daily News saying that Taiwanese firm Elite Computer Systems or ECS is currently in talk with the Finnish giant.

Nokia and ECS are expected to round up the talks by the end of June 2009. This could well mean that Nokia-tagged Netbooks could appear just in time for Christmas 2009. Nokia is likely to use a non x86 processor - almost certainly an ARM based model - combined with a Symbian platform.

The company has already committed itself, via its CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, to manufacture (or at list use OEMs) and sell mobile computers by 2011. ODM/OEM Giant Foxconn is also rumoured to be amongst a number of suitors eyeing Nokia's potentially lucrative netbook orders.

ECS is known mainly for its cheap motherboards and the company was the first to launch the desktop replacement revolution with its desknote range. The company has since diversified itself to include graphic cards, laptops, all in one PCs and portable media players.

The Taiwanese company has long been a OE/OD manufacturer for a number of third parties. Of particular interest are the E, G and J series and the G10IL looks to be the best of the lot with a 10.2-inch screen and HSDPA connectivity.

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Our Comments

Nokia needs to hasten its plans to introduce its Netbook. We've learnt that Intel is starting to offer netbook packages to Chinese Whitebox vendors. These are basically complete systems, that are sold to retailers like Dixons, essentially bypassing HP, Dell and the likes completely. This sets a worrying precedence as Intel is now in a position to provide with a complete computing solution without the need of computer companies.

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