Sandforce Controller Promises Significant SSD Boost

Storage specialists SandForce has released a new set of SSD Processors, dubbed the SF-1000, which it claims can significantly boost the performance of solid state drives.

Geared towards the upper end of the market - the same that the Intel X25 aims at - the new SSD processors will allow cheaper, mass produced NAND MLC Flash memory to be used in Data Centres and other corporate segments, decreasing price per GB and allowing performance to reach up to 250MBps on sustained reads and writes, amongst the fastest on the market.

Using so called MLC (Multi Layer Cell) NAND Flash rather than the more expensive SLC (Single Layer Cell) will have a significant impact on prices, with some estimating it could cut prices by up to 75 percent.

Central to SandForce's performance claims is a set of Flash management features called DuraClass which SandForce says, differentiates it from standard Flash controllers like JMicron and others.

Durawrite, it says, optimises the number of program cycles, effectiely extending the life of SSDs and data retention, reducing performance degradation and improving data integrity.

SandForce also claims that SSDs based on the SF-1000 can deliver up to 40 times more IOPS per watt for both reads and writes compared to traditional spinning HDDs which can only deliver 20 IOPS per watt.

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Our Comments

SandForce produces SSDs already for OEMs but we understand that the company may start licensing its portfolio to other companies like Intel or Crucial, essentially adopting the route of successful fabless companies like ARM or Imagination Technologies.

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