Facebook Can Harm Students' Exams Scores

A study carried out by the Ohio State University has revealed the bl**dy obvious, that using too much of Facebook can affect your grades and education.

Talking to the Times, Aryn Karpinski, one of the academics who carried out the research, said that people who spent more time on Facebook ended up spending less time studying.

219 US undergraduates and graduates were interviewed about their study methods and how they used the internet.

Nearly two thirds of those who had a Facebook account checked them daily with the overwhelming majority checking their accounts several times a day, leaving messages and updates.

Not surprisingly, Facebookers were the ones who had a significantly lower GPA at the end of the term. But some like Cnet's Chris Matyszczyk have criticised the study for being incomplete as it doesn't point to a direct correlation between the amount of Facebook activity and GPA scores.

Facebook replied to the survey's conclusion by saying that “There is also academic research that shows the benefits of services like Facebook. It’s in the hands of students, in consultation with their parents, to decide how to spend their time.”

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Our Comments

Two weeks ago, another team from the Melbourne University in Australia came to the conclusion that visiting Facebook or shopping online during office hours could actually increase workers' productivity. The Ohio research only concentrated on GPA scores and did not seek to find out whether using Facebook actually made people generally happier and more extrovert for example.

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