£574.99 LG 50PG3000 50" 100Hz HD Ready Digital Plasma TV

You can now savour remarkable High Definition images on a huge 50-inch display at a very reasonable price with the LG 50PG3000 100Hz 50" HD Ready Plasma TV.

This display puts on a dazzling show of bright, detailed images, thanks to its 1365 x 768p resolution, 1500 cd/m2 brightness, and excellent 20,000:1 contrast ratio. What's more, the 50PG3000's 100 Hz Picture Processor refreshes the image 100 times a second rather than the traditional 50 Hz, leading to smoother, more fluid action in high-motion scenes.

The LG 50 PG 3000 50" HD Ready Plasma TV includes a built-in digital tuner for Freeview, so you can watch Digital Terrestrial Television without the need for an extra set-top box and cables.

This also means the television is ready for the Digital Switchover. A one-click AV Mode gives you the choice of 3 different viewing styles, to enhance the quality of every image according to the type of video being displayed.

With the click of a button you can change between Movie, Video Game and Sport modes to experience more vivid, dynamic and exciting images.

The LG 50PG 3000 50" HD Ready Plasma TV boasts an Invisible Speaker system, bringing you prime audio quality without the clutter of external speakers. Room-filling realistic sound with a full sweet-spot is produced, while the Clear Voice system accentuates human voices so dialogue isn’t lost in background noise.

To top it off, the user friendly interface in an advanced, intuitive and friendly menu system, meaning you'll enjoy theatre-like experiences with a minimum of hassle on your LG 50PG3000 100Hz 50" HD Ready Plasma TV.

You can buy this LG 50PG3000 50" for £574.99. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator