Campus Research shows US are getting mobile

Until the iPhone hit the streets of America two years ago, mobile in the US seemed to be all about voice calls and a lot of BlackBerry email. SMS and internet was a European thing with seemingly little relevance to your typical consumer.

That was then, now that the iPhone has made the mobile internet cool this is having an effect on the next generation of employees.

A small but interesting study from Ball State University in Indiana USA shows that very nearly 100% of students use a mobile and of those 27% favour a smartphone in comparison to only the 19% national average.

Significantly text messaging has effectively replaced email and IM, with 94% of students using SMS as their preferential messaging medium.

The combination of large touch screens, entertainment, video and social networking has pushed laptops to one side in the convenience stakes creating an always available society.

Slightly worrying for Apple though is that 39% of students (as apposed to 4% in 2005) now send video from their mobile.

With Apple ignoring this market for at least the first two iterations of the iPhone, smartphone buyers may decide to look at Nokia, Samsung and LG for their next fully featured mobile.