Landlady Evicts Tenants After Finding Shocking Facebook Pics

A landlady from Folkestone in Kent has apparently evicted her tenants after discovering their raucous parties through pictures that were posted on Facebook, showing significant damage to the property.

The landlady Carolyn Lorimer was reportedly taken aback when she found out that the so called respectable young couple to whom she had rent out her property, were throwing wild parties from pictures posted on Facebook which showed smashed television sets and shredded wallpapers lying around.

Incidentally Ms Lorimer was going thorough the profile of an old friend when she discovered the party scenes and was able to immediately recognise the place as her property.

Expressing her surprise at the discovery Ms Lorimer said “'I was absolutely shocked and I recognised it as my flat straight away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing - it looked like a slum.'

Taking corrective measures Ms Lorimer then went to secure an evicting notice for removing the tenants from her property; however the tenants got wind of such an action and reportedly fled leaving behind unpaid utility bills.

The tenants who had previously received a noise abatement order from the local authorities on account of a complaint from a nearby nursery school had apparently damaged the carpets in the house along with breaking a chandelier and creating large holes in the walls.

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The tenants apparently left the properties in a very desolate state as well as a £1500 tab for unpaid rent. Using Facebook to find out what kind of shenanigans the tenants were up to might be seen by some as an intrusion of their personal privacy, with the consequences that this might lead to. It is also quite likely that this is one of many examples where landlords and/or employers social networking networks to do some snooping.

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