Microsoft To Push Automatic Rollout For Internet Explorer 8

In a move that could help Microsoft to place itself better in a much heated browser domain, the software giant is all set to rollout the next iteration of its signature web browser IE8 to users of IE6 and IE7 from next week.

Although the software maker has already pushed through Auto Update the full version of the web browser to users who had earlier grabbed the beta iteration, the new move could help the company to reach a much wider customer base.

Along the same line, the company notified in its IE8 blog post, “Starting on or about the third week of April, users still running IE6 or IE7 on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, or Server 2008 will get will get a notification through Automatic Update about IE8”.

The company further went on to say that initially the rollout will address only a small audience, and gradually it will be expanded to the entire user base.

In addition, the company asserted that the update on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 will be on ‘High-Priority’, while for Windows Server 2008 and Vista the update will be important.

However users still need to opt-in to install the update, as they will see a welcome screen offering choices ‘ask later’, ‘install now’, or ‘don’t install’, the company added.

Furthermore, customers who refuse the installation of the new iteration of the browser can still download it from Microsoft’s official website, or as an optional update from Windows Update, Microsoft said.

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Our Comments

Rolling out Internet Explorer to all its users will give Microsoft a welcomed boost as it battles with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. IE8 will introduce new features and tremendously improve performance while making the user's browsing experience much more secure. Internet Explorer 6 is still widely being used, according to various stats worldwide, and the faster IE6 users move to IE8, the better the web will be.

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