Nikon D5000 Brings HD Video To DSLR Market

Japanese manufacturer Nikon has announced an affordable digital SLR camera, the D5000, which can record 720p HD video as well as taking 12.3-megapixel pictures.

The camera also features a 2.7-inch flip-down LCD screen that allows the user to take pictures in a wide variety of angles as it rotates 360 degree.

At £720, it is set to replace the ageing D80 from the same manufacturer. Nikon though has chosen to switch to a CMOS sensor rather than CCD technology which might cause some to frown. The sensor can capture 12.3-megapixel and its sensitivity ranges between an ISO 200 to ISO 3200.

Other notable features include Nikon's proprietary IDRS (Integrated Dust Reduction System) as well as Scene Recognition System with Face Detection System plus an inbuilt EXPEED digital image processing system, an umbrella term which covers a number of image-improvement technologies put in place by Nikon.

But it is the ability to record high definition video - up to 1280x720 pixels - that will be the most popular selling point of this camera, given the fact that it will be able to use a number of interchangeable lenses.

Users will get four types of contrast AF as well as 19 scene modes and - that was expected - full manual control over what features might be enabled or not.

Nikon has also bundled a HDMI socket which means that the camera can be connected directly to any HD ready television. The camera is expected to hit shops on the 1st of May with launch prices reaching £720 for the body only and £780 for the D5000 with a 15-55 VR Kit lens.

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Our Comments

The Canon 500D, which is the nearest competitor to the D5000 costs around 10 percent more but allows users to take full HD 1080p video recording. The 500D is also said to be more novice friendly which could be a bonus point. What else? A quick look at Jessops's list of digital SLR with prices ranging from £600 to £800 shows that this is turning out to be a rather sweet spot.

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