SanDisk Sansa slotMusic MP3 Player Review

If you are looking to take your music with you on the go, you have a lot of options these days.

If you want to stick to the most popular brand out there, then you can opt for any number of different Apple iPod models.

If you prefer the offerings of Redmond, Washington, then you can take a look at the Microsoft Zune. If you dare to be different, you can consider an iRiver or a Creative Zen. And let’s not forget about the abundance of music phones too.

People who are new to the MP3 playing phenomenon may be a little overwhelmed or intimidated by what such a player may require.

Typically, you’d have to look into some sort of software solution on your computer so that the music can be loaded onto the player. If you’re staying legal, you’ll also need to find a good online source to buy your digital tunes. That can sound quite daunting for a technophobe.

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