Is Steve Jobs Working On Apple's Netbook?

It seems that Steve Jobs is actively participating in managing key operations at Apple and is involved in the development of new products including a possible Apple netbook.

News about Jobs return to managing planning and strategy aspects at Apple surfaced on last Saturday when the Wall Street Journal carried a report which mentioned that Jobs was working from his home while on a six month medical leave.

Incidentally the report also mentions that Jobs had a significant contribution in the recent rollout of the iPhone 3.0 software that is likely to make the platform more favourable for mobile developers.

Though Apple has refused to respond to the news of Steve Jobs involvement in current projects in the company, the buzz around his return continues to grow with each passing day.

Interestingly Steve Jobs gets an inordinately more amount of coverage than any other CEO in the industry which many believe is on account of his role in driving the vision at Apple.

Currently, Tim Cook is taking care of day to day operations at the company and Jobs is officially expected to resume his duties later this summer.

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Our Comments

Steve Jobs has the knack to find out where mistakes are and has an acute attention to details. Working on a Netbook project would certainly fit in Jobs agenda given how critical this segment is becoming in these days of recession. As a first time project, it is likely to be allocated a significant amount of resources within the company.

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