Asus M3A78-T Motherboard Review ~ HD 3300 IGP Overclock Fun

With the AM3 platform finally launched, we would almost forget that the newest AM3 processors also work on AM2+ motherboards, which are in general more cost-effective than their bigger brothers.

In other words, for those who are looking for a less expensive and silent AMD setup, we can still take into account the AM2+ 790GX motherboards.

In the past, we have already tested a sample of DFI and Foxconn, today we'll be having a look at Asus' M3A78-T motherboard.

Frankly, I should've tested this motherboard a long time ago since it was sent to me along with the Phenom II X4 940 processor, which was back then still under NDA.

However, when the X4 940 arrived, I had already tested the two other AM2+ mainboards and was, in other words, already familiar with the bios and overclocking behaviour in general of these two motherboards.

Since I had a very tight schedule at that time, I wanted to see if all the fuss regarding coldbug or no coldbug was about and decided to put this motherboard on the 'to-test' pile.

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