25 Percent Of UK Broadband Users Have Received Usage Warnings

A recent survey discovered that as many as one in four UK broadband users have been alerted by their internet service providers (ISPs) about their excessive usage of internet services.

The survey, conducted by ISPreview, notified that 45.1 percent of the total 557 respondents claimed that they would switch their ISP if they received any warning on excessive usage, while 41.4 percent were not sure whether they would switch or not. However, only 13.4 percent said they wouldn’t switch the ISP if warned about usage of services.

Commenting on the results, ISPreview asserted that the results weren’t surprising at all, as broadband users are being offered with a number of bandwidth heavy websites and online applications, such as YouTube, Xbox Live, BBC iPlayer, Steam, just to name a few.

Mark Jackson, editor and founder of ISPreview, said that although broadband has enabled internet users to do many things while being online, but users are required to remain aware of the limits being imposed by their respective ISPs, particularly where a Fair Usage Policy has been employed.

Quoting the same, Jackson said, “Failing to do so could land you in hot water with your ISP and potentially result in a service restriction or added costs”.

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Our Comments

Our advise is to go for unlimited bundles or at least those with very high data transfer limits. If you exceed your download limits often, it is better to look elsewhere or opt for an eat-as-much-as-you-want bundle instead. As for fair usage policy, it is a matter of hit and miss because some ISPs are known to be more lenient than others when it comes enforcing FUP clauses.

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