BBC iPlayer Finally Goes HD

BBC's popular video on demand service, iPlayer, is now offering high definition content either for download or for streaming.

The corporation has also launched a new version of its iPlayer desktop software that is optimised to play HD content for Mac, Linux and Windows.

It features a feature that allows users to test their download speeds before starting to stream content as well as the ability for users to resize their viewing windows.

Arguably, you can also watch iPlayer content directly from the comfort of your lounge straight from your television if you are a Virgin Media customer.

However, a spokesperson for VM told online website Techradar that they would be working closely with the BBC to make the service available on their on Demand Platform.

Not all content will be available in content and regular iPlayer users will have noticed that the BBC already had HD content on their website for some weeks already with Doctor Who and the Dragons' Den being two very popular series available on high definition.

The BBC reports that more than 387 million requests to download or stream content have been logged by the iPlayer platform since it was launched on Christmas Day in 2007.

It has not been confirmed whether portable HD capable devices will be able to play the higher quality content either as a stream or a download.

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Our Comments

It is a shame really for the consumer that Kangaroo platform, which was supposed to federate all the major channels into one huge iPlayer, has been killed by the Competition Commission. So we are now left with ITV's own player, Channel 4 4OD and Five's Five on Demand. On top of that we have Sky's Player and many, many other smaller outfits.

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