The Future’s Now, The Future’s Disk.

Given widespread fears of imminent recession, an inevitable focus for many organisations at the moment is working out how to do more with less.

This imperative, combined with growing demands to tackle disaster recovery and security more effectively - not least in light of the seemingly endless stream of data breach stories hitting the headlines lately - means that the pressure is now on to sort these key issues out despite progressively limited budgets.

But for once, there is a straightforward way to kill all of these birds with a single stone. Rising numbers of organisations are recognising that backing up their valuable corporate data on tape is no longer adequate and instead are turning to disk-to-disk backup as the answer to their prayers.

As a result, uptake of this tried and tested digital technology has already jumped to 21 per cent of the total market this year from a mere eight per cent last year - and the pace of adoption is only expected to increase.

However, the biggest barrier to adoption is that of resistance to change and habit of the tape backup culture.