Google Share Of Search Market Reaches All Time High

Google has further enhanced its dominance in the US search market with its market share touching a new high last month, according to statistics released by the research firm ComScore.

Recent figures from ComScore show that the search engine giant held a remarkable 63.7 percent of the entire search market, registering a small hike from 63.3 percent share it had in February.

However, Yahoo’s search market share dropped slightly from 20.6 percent in February to 20.5 percent last month. As per the recent figures, Google accounted for 63.7 percent of the total 14.3 billion searches carried out over the web in the US last month.

However, Microsoft too managed to register a small hike of 0.1 percent in search market, with its share in search was found to be 8.3 percent, and it was followed by Ask with 3.8 percent and AOL with 3.7 percent.

Furthermore, the count of search queries in a day in US was found to be around 462.3 million last month, as against 468 million search queries in February, according to Reuters.

Besides, Google’s monopoly in search domains, both on mobile as well as desktop devices, has further raised concerns over competition, with some analysts even called for international monitoring to preserve competition in search market.

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Our Comments

Google is inexorably becoming the godfather of search for better and for worst. One can only shiver at the thought of Microsoft being in a similar situation. Google's Motto has been to avoid being evil, which they have been doing remarkably well in the past decade. Yet there is an uneasiness as to the size they have reached right now. Can Google still maintain its moral righteousness for long?

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