LG Debuts Eyestrain-Minimising HD Monitors

South Korean Consumer Electronics specialist LG has announced the launch of a new series of screens, the W53, which aims at reducing eye stress during extended use.

Eye strain, as Repetitive Stress Injury (or RSI), may be qualified as an occupational hazard which the W53 looks to alleviate, especially if the user will be sitting in front of the monitors for more than a few hours (think office workers or gamers).

The monitor actually comes with an automatic brightness control, a feature that, as its name implies, adjust the brightness of the monitor depending on your environment (thereby saving energy and your sight). That said, if your office lights are fluctuating in the first place, it might be a good idea to replace them.

As for the monitors themselves, they range from 18.5-inch to 27-inch with resolutions going up to 1920 by 1080 pixels on models above 21-inch, a 2ms response time with a 50,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast (DFC) ratio. To top things up, there's a priximity sensor that detects movement near the monitor and bring control buttons to life.

LG hasn't announce any firm release dates - although one can expect to find them in shops by next month - and as for all LG monitors, expect prices to be quite affordable with the 18.5-inch model on sale around £100.

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Our Comments

Doubts can be cast on the real benefits of these HD monitors; after all, adjusting brightness is not something that can't be done manually, so whether LG will charge a high premium for this feature remains to be seen. The company could well have made brightness controls easier to integrate.

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