Microsoft Gets One Week Extension From EU Over Antitrust Deadline

Microsoft on Wednesday notified that it has been granted a one-week extension by EU antitrust regulators to respond to the allegations that it had hampered competition by integrating Internet Explorer web browser with Windows operating system.

This is the second time when the software giant has been awarded with the extension in this case, as the EU antitrust regulators pushed the original deadline to 21 April after the company requested for some more time to respond to the charges.

Referring to a new deadline, the spokeswoman for Microsoft said in a statement, “Microsoft confirms that the new deadline for the company to respond to the Commission's statement of objections is April 28”.

In its charges, the EU antitrust regulators claimed that integrating Internet Explorer with the Windows has prevented the company from direct competition with the other companies in browser domains, affecting product innovation, and limiting customer choices.

The extension has been granted after the EU accepted the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS), which includes tech heavyweights like Nokia, IBM, and Sun Microsystems, as interested third party in the case.

Microsoft claimed that if found guilty it could be compelled to integrate other browsers with Windows, as well as it could also obligated to pay heavy fines. Google, Opera, and the Mozilla Foundation, all have joined the chorus against Microsoft.

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Our Comments

Microsoft has been lucky until now as it got an extension. However, with competitors like Google and others queuing up to see who can throw the first punch at Microsoft in front of antitrust judges, there's plenty of drama to be heard when the case is actually examined. Stay tune for an extensive coverage on our website.

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