Microsoft Launches Beta Version Of Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft has unleashed the beta iteration of Exchange Server 2010 allowing users to explore the added features and capabilities in its Exchange Server suite.

Exchange Server 2010, which is said to be shipped in the second half of 2009, is developed using hybrid design that will create the required infrastructure for the hosted email service.

The new iteration of Microsoft email server will enable users to opt-out of an irrelevant email group thread and provide voice-to-text transcription capability, which would allow users to store voice messages in the inbox.

Along with these, the upcoming version will also offer ‘MailTips’ feature, which will include a set of configurable warnings that will warn users before they send emails to large groups or to individuals who are on holiday.

Furthermore, the software giant also claimed that the upcoming version of Exchange will offer lower storage costs, enhanced productivity and better experience with its Outlook suite, integrated email archive, browser as well as mobile phone.

Asserting on the significance of the new beta in helping organisations, Rajesh Jha, Corporate VP of Microsoft Exchange, said in a statement, “Exchange 2010 ushers in the next generation of Microsoft unified communications software as the first server designed from inception to work both on-premise and as an online service”.

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Our Comments

Microsoft is revving up for what will be one of the most exciting periods of the company's existence. This has already started with Internet Explorer 8 and is set to continue with Windows 7 (Mobile, Server and Desktop), Office 2010 and a whole set of server-oriented applications. Exchange 2010 is part of this last set and it appears to offer incremental changes with no real game killers.

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