Cisco Discloses More Details About Its Unified Computing Strategy

Within a month after joining the blade server domain with its new Unified Computing System (UCS), the networking giant Cisco Systems on Thursday divulged additional details on its UCS offering for data centres, including pricing info, memory capacity as well as processing power.

Last month Cisco unleashed UCS, a data centres infrastructure architecture that integrates blade servers, networking and virtualisation into a single system, to place itself better in the data centre domain, which is currently being dominated by IBM and Hewlett Packard.

Critics expressed their concerns that the new system would be a closed one that would necessitate businesses to purchase all new equipments.

In his response to the concerns, Soni Jiadani, Cisco’s vice president for the server access, said in a statement, “That's absolutely not the case. [The Unified Computing System] was purposely built as an integrated system with each layer conforming to industry standards”.

The company further revealed that the base price-tag for the new system, which will incorporate including management software as well as a blade server system, will be around $30,852.

In addition to offering various benefits, including integrated management and customisable service profiles, the new system also vows to trim down costs by minimising the requirement of various hardware components used by existing set-ups.

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Our Comments

Cisco is sitting pretty and learnt from the mistakes it made back in the late 1990's. It currently has around $30 billion sitting as cash and cash equivalents and investments. Looking to integrate blade servers and networking technology is a smart strategy that not only allows Cisco to continue to grow organically but also give is the possibility of expanding by acquiring other companies like Sun Microsystems.

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