ECS A790GXM-AD3 Review

With the latest CPU socket from AMD supporting DDR3 memory we are seeing boards that support them.

We recently reviewed a 790GX based offering from MSI and today we are going to take a look at another board based on the same chipset, with DDR3 support.

The ECS A790GGM-AD3 is the next of kin to the ECS A790GXM-A that we reviewed here at the end of last year. The main difference between the two is the move from DDR2 memory to DDR3 memory and the newer CPU socket which is not backwards compatible between AM2+ and AM3, like the A790GXM-A was.

This newer board supports memory speeds up to 1333MHz and runs off the 790GX Northbridge and the SB750 Southbridge.

This motherboard is part of ECS's "Black Series" line of mainboards aimed at gamers and enthusiasts wanting high end hardware at a nice price. We have seen some promise in the "Black Series", so I am eager to see what the A790GXM-AD3 has in store with the new memory refresh.

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