Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Ready To Debut On May 11th

Microsoft seems all set to “launch” its Windows Mobile 6.5 platform at the upcoming TechEd 2009 event, according to a blog post on the Microsoft Developer Network.

The event, which runs from 11 May through 15 May, imparts “technical education” to professionals and developers, and it would reportedly see the demonstration of the new OS along with a list of proposed modifications.

In addition to this, the TechEd visitors would also have the option to attend distinct sessions on a range of Windows Mobile v6.5 topics, including touch and gesture features.

However, the smartphone platform was officially introduced during the Mobile World Congress event held in February this year, and with the “launch” of the operating system, the software giant perhaps planning to exhibit its complete version, which has been under development since it was unveiled in February.

An updated version of Windows Mobile is apparently quite essential for Microsoft, as the widely used v6.1 OS is facing tough competition from other emerging platforms, including the Palm Pre and the iPhone, which offer touch and gesture commands.

However, there are chances that Microsoft will also launch some sort of device alongside the final iteration of the operating system, but a concrete evidence of such a device isn’t available yet.

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Our Comments

With murmurs of a Zunephone becoming louder and louder, Windows Mobile 6.5 is finally due an update which brings it closer to the look and feel of a modern mobile operating system. We expect Windows Mobile 7, which unlike WM6.5 is a major update, to be launched sometimes in 2010. This makes us wonder whether 6.5 will be sufficient to tackle the likes of Android, even in the short run.

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