Twitter Worm Maker Gets Job As White Hat Hacker

A web application development firm has reportedly hired the teenager who was responsible for inflicting damages on the micro-blogging website Twitter by launching various different worms over the last weekend.

Michael “Mickeyy” Mooney, a 17-year old from Brooklyn, admitted to writing a couple of worms that hit the micro-blogging giant last week, in an attempt to promote his website

The teenager told that he created the worms out of his boredom and intended to bring Twitter’s attention to various security vulnerabilities the blogging website had.

However, Mooney not only manages to come out clean, but also caught the attention of Travis Rowland, founder and CEO of exqSoft Solutions, who offered a lucrative job to the teen.

Rowland told in an interview that he saw the worms on the website and was really impressed with Mooney’s skills, and hence offered him a job of security analyst in his company. “I saw his Web site and he coded that all from hand and it was pretty impressive; it was a complete Twitter clone”, Rowland said in a statement.

After getting the job, the teenager launched the new worm, which exploits fifth security hole at the website.

When asked why he doesn’t notify Twitter about the security holes rather than launching the attacks, Mooney responded by saying, “It's probably not the best way, but it's the only way I can reach out to Twitter so they will fix the vulnerability”.

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Our Comments

Maybe someone should offer a job to Gary McKinnon, another celebrity hacker. Seriously though, if hackers are really considered as criminals, they should be provided with the opportunity to make amends for mistake they made in the past. Michael Mooney was given this chance, but not McKinnon. This proper s**ks. It will be interesting to see how Mooney's skills will be used by exqSoft, which is primarily a web-hosting company.

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