Credit Crunch Affects Search Keywords Says Ask Jeeves

It seems that the ongoing recession is acutely influencing what people are searching on the internet with the value retailer Primark and Robert Peston from BBC coming across as the fastest growing search terms in UK according the search engine Ask Jeeves.

The startling trends came to light as per a comparison study done by the search Engine Ask Jeeves which studied the current trends with those observed back in 2006.

Quite expectedly luxury brands which were growing stronger in search trends in 2006 - Armani suits and buy to let mortgages were indeed popular - are the worst affected and interest in value offerings have seen a sharp increase.

Incidentally the increasing popularity of Robert Peston amongst internet users can be attributed to dire financial predictions which have found a resonance amongst people who have been affected by the financial crisis.

Expressing his views on the subject, and role the search engines are playing the society Cesar Mascaraque, Director of Ask Jeeves Europe, mentioned that "The net is a great barometer of what people care about. People are turning to search engines for answers to questions they would previously have asked friends or family. It's amazing how quickly internet search has gone from being a geeky and soulless experience to something helpful and inviting.”

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Our Comments

The conclusion of the report shouldn't come as a surprise really. Google already has a Google trends page which is only available for the US. Although Ask Jeeves is way smaller than say Google or Yahoo, it does capture the Zeitgeist and it is likely that its findings are reflected at Google and other search engine companies.

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