Cyber Hackers Steal F35 Fighter Plane Design Plans

There have been claims that security surrounding the US Joint Strike Fighter project, one of the most expensive military projects ever, has been breached by cyber spies who apparently came from China.

According to a Wall Street Journal news report which was citing unidentified current and former US government officials, Chinese sleuths have been able to download thousands of confidential times or several TB worth of information related to the way the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet was designed and build

It is understood that the most sensitive data associated with the $300 billion fighter programme were not under threat because it was stored on hard drives not connected to the Web.

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Corp and BAE are all participating in the JSF programme and two of the contractors' computer networks have been breached according to several reports.

The Pentagon and the companies implicated in the WSJ report have refused to comment. China, which has already denied previous accusations of cyber-spying, said that "China opposes and forbids all forms of cyber-crimes. The Pentagon's report is a product of the Cold War mentality intentionally fabricated to fan up China threat sensations".

The news comes after The Times reported that a number of computer files were stolen by a foreign entity from the computer systems used by the then-US Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain.

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Our Comments

It is neither the first time nor the last that the US Government is being hacked. The Department of Homeland Security reported that more than 18,000 cybersecurity breaches were reported in 2008.

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