HP BladeSystem Matrix To Rival Cisco's UCS Offers

In a move that is likely to give Cisco’s Unified Computing System a serious run for its money, Hewlett-Packard has launched a sophisticated data-center system that includes storage, networking and computing capacities all within a single unit.

The new offering which has been christened as the BladeSystem Matrix is aimed at providing a single adaptive infrastructure that can be setup with effortless ease.

HP claims that it’s new offering which ships with the Matrix Orchestration Environment management software goes a long way in simplifying data center tasks and can significantly bring down the operating costs.

It goes onto claim that companies can look forward to a potential 300 percent return on investment in a period of 3 years or more and safely hope to save nearly 80 percent in operational costs.

Explaining the reason behind the introduction of the BladeSystem Matrix , Mark Potter a senior vice president at HP mentioned "Increasingly, customers are looking for data-center solutions with Adaptive Infrastructure properties such as superior economics, application-based cost tracking, and true dynamic capacity management"

He went on to add that Matrix addresses that need and is essentially a class leading, all-in-one technology that is designed to assist the infrastructure to operate in sync with the pace of the business.

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Our Comments

HP didn't take long to reply to Cisco's threat. There's one huge, huge unknown that will have to be taken into consideration: Sun's hardware arm. Unless Oracle decides to close it down altogether, it is likely to end up with one of the big companies - Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM or someone else - who will all of a sudden become a major player.

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