£4.99 4GB WristVault USB Flash Drive / Black

Wristvault is a convenient way for you to have all your files, movies music and photos to hand, and ready to go and it happens to be the cheapest 4GB USB Drive in the UK

The comfortable band wraps around your wrist locking on to its on USB, keeping your files safe and secure, With 4GB of storage space, there has never been a better way to store your files.

A happy customer wrote that "This USB memory stick is one of the best I've ever seen. It's so useful because my previous USB flash stick was a normal one with a neck string. That's not very good because you can never get the feeling if the USB is still intact. This one you can see and feel on your wrist. Who ever invented this is a GENIUS! "


Capacity: 4GB

Rubber Wrist Band One Piece Design

Carry around Files between the Office, home or school on your wrist.

Durable & Lightweight Rubber

Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 Backwards compatible)

Hi-Speed Data Transfer

Splash Proof

Shock Proof

PC / Mac compatible

Compatible with Apple MacOS x 10, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP & Vista

You can buy this 4GB WristVault USB for £4.99. You can also find similar deals from our online price comparator.