Firefox 3.0.9 Released, Closes 12 Security Vulnerabilities

Mozilla has released yet another update to the popular open source browser, Firefox; version 3.0.9 focuses on closing a dozen security weaknesses in the application.

Firefox 3.0.9, which is the third version out this year, patches four vulnerabilities that were classified as critical, two of which were in the browser engine itself and two others linked to the JavaScript Engine.

The updated version also fixes several stability issues as well as a rather nagging problem that caused users to lose their cookies due to a corrupted local database.

Users of the Open source browser are strongly encouraged to download and install the latest release; in addition, those already on Firefox 3.0 will "receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours."

Firefox 3.5 is set to be launched in the next few weeks; beta 4 promises to bring in support for JaSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a nifty private browsing mode and the ability to process Javascript code quicker and more efficiently.

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Our Comments

Curiously enough, Firefox never chose to upgrade/update its browser with a patch. Instead, it always opted for a full blown installation that overtakes the previous one. 3.0.9 doesn't improve performance though and users who want to know what the next Firefox may look like may well have download and install Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1; at your own risk, obviously.

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