House Of Lords Sends Videos To Youtube

In a move that could help people to interact better with the Parliament, a House of Lords Committee announced that it will be allowing the public to submit their views and suggestions using the renowned video sharing platform YouTube.

This is for the first time a Parliamentary committee has permitted for submitting suggestions using means other than the written word.

The House of Lords Information Committee has urged the public to post videos on the platform with opinions and suggestions about how the House of Lords can keep the public informed about its role and activities in the British political system.

The Committee has created a new YouTube video channel containing an introductory video from Lord Tim Renton, inviting voters to post their suggestions on the website.

“Decisions are made in Parliament everyday that affect everyone in the country and it is important people feel they can be involved in that decision-making process”, Lord Tim Renton said in a statement. “We would love to hear from as wide a range of people as possible on how they would like to interact with Parliament”, he added.

In past couple of years, the Lords have been keen to use the power of the web to interact better with the public, and along the same, the House of Lords launched their blog last year.

You can follow on Twitter @itproportal.

Our Comments

The current government may be trying to embrace digital broadcast the American way by getting its leaders to interact directly with the public. In which case, Youtube is an excellent medium altogether. Gordon Brown did it yesterday when he made a rather surprising announcement about MP expense reforms. It will also give users a unique opportunity to interact with people whom they will rarely see but who have a significant impact on our every day life.

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