More Information Emerges About Ukrainian Zombie Botnet

More details have been disclosed about the gigantic network of Zombie PC made up of almost two million machines that is controlled by a gang of Ukrainian Cyber criminals.

The details revealed by Finjan marketing director Ophir Shalitin to Cnet before the opening of the RSA security conference in San Francisco has prompted the Police Central e-crime Unit to open an investigation amongst the claims.

It is understood that several of the infected computers were found within the government and at least one computer was owned by the BBC. The botnet has infected nearly 80 government-owned sets of computers in Western countries.

Finjan has also confirmed that the Trojan horse that actually infects the computers once the bot receives an instruction from its masters is only detected by 4 out of 39 anti-virus products on the market.

Amongst those which failed to detect the malware - identified by NOD32 as Win32/hexzone.ap - are Symantec, Trendmicro, Antivir and McAfee.

Some, however, have questioned Finjan's claims that it had discovered the largest-ever botnet after the security company says that the server which controlled the botnet has been shut down.

Rupert Goodwins, editor of technology website, said that 'Our major concerns with the story are that it's not verifiable, that key facts are missing - most importantly: who is still vulnerable and what can they do about it'

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Our Comments

Finjan made the announcement just before the RSA conference started and to one of the biggest tech news websites in the world. It is likely that it was seeking maximum exposure and it did get it. There has been no third party confirmation but given the fact that the case have been referred to the respective enforcement units, we would tend to back Finjan's claims.

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