NSA Supremo Dismisses Claims Of Cybersecurity Conflicts

Rejecting rumours about the National Security Agency (NSA) is taking sole charge of cybersecurity in the US, the director of NSA called on for more proactive role from security industry to help keep the web space secure.

Addressing the RSA security conference in San Francisco, the director for NSA, Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, asserted that group effort, instead of centrally planned operation, is required to keep the US networks secured against any unauthorised intrusions.

In his speech during the conference, Mr Alexander was very clear and crisp while saying, “We do not want to run cyber security for the US government. I think we need to dispel the rumours”.

However, he maintained that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should continue to provide internet and computer security services for the civilian agencies, whereas NSA would do the same for military agencies.

Alexander’s remarks come within a week after President Obama received a recommendation from Melissa Hathaway, an administration appointee, on measures to be taken to safeguard government networks.

Furthermore, this statement from Mr Alexander seems to contradict what Dennis Blair, national intelligence director, asserted last month about more comprehensive role of NSA in securing cyberspace.

Alexander said the NSA doesn’t intend to take over DHS’s function; instead, it’ll look forward to provide DHS with essential technical support to better deal with cyber attacks.

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Our Comments

With rumours that foreign government have managed to breach US security several times including the alleged break-in involving the $300 billion JSF military program, no wonder that the NSA is quite nervous. The "ping-pong" match between the DHS and the NSA about which organisation should be in charge of providing security can only provide more encouragement to entities which might want to compromise US security.

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