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Oprah Winfrey Increases Twitter Traffic By 43 Percent

It appears that Oprah Winfrey’s influence isn’t just restricted to books and talk shows, as her much-hyped first tweet on Friday has given a tremendous boost to the web traffic on Twitter, according to an analyst firm Hitwise.

According to the analyst company, web traffic to the micro blogging website rose substantially by 43 percent as compared to the previous Friday.

Additionally on 17th April, when Oprah posted her first tweet on the website, around 37 percent of the total visitors to the blogging website were new visitors, and Twitter’s share of total US internet visits increased considerably by 24 percent, the company added.

In spite of being a new online platform, Twitter’s share in internet visits is growing massively, with the website nearly gets around 32 percent new visitors every day; however, Hitwise also notified that the Facebook only managed to attract 8 percent new users in March.

The company further claimed that the search term “oprah twitter” was ranked as the 35th most searched term with the word Twitter last week, and considering that the search data is weekly and the show was only aired on Friday, this seems to be an impressive figure.

After the high-profile win of Ashton Kutcher, it’ll be interesting to see how long Oprah will take to gather 1 million followers.

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Our Comments

Once Twitter joined Oprah's show, it officially became mainstream. Since joining Twitter, she has managed to reach almost half a million followers, which is a rather extraordinary feat and allows her to extend her reach beyond television. Oprah's introduction to Twitter will help the micro-blogging company double its size within a few months. In other news, Britney Spears is about to surpass CNN's number of followers.

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