£159.90 Pixmania Radeon 4890 1GB Video Card

Get the best graphics performances with this Radeon HD4890! The Radeon HD4890 is designed for demanding users and gets its power from the 850 MHz chipset and 1 GB DDR5 standard memory.

Thanks to the HD4890, you're guaranteed more frames per second when playing the latest generation video games, for more fluid, brighter graphics!

ATI's current generation of video cards is a very complete line-up: they have something to offer at every price-point. From the entry level HD 4350 to the behemoth HD 4870 X2, you might think they finally had all the bases covered -- but, it turns out this isn't the case.

You can think of the HD 4890 as a souped-up, turbo-charged HD 4870. While there have been some tweaks to the core of the part, in many respects the HD 4890 is the next incremental evolution of the HD 4870: more speed is the largest difference between the two cards.


Graphics Processor ATI Radeon HD 4890

Processor Frequency 850 MHz

Exchange Interface Memory/Processor 256-bit

Memory 1 GB GDDR5

Bus PCI-Express 2.0 x16

Memory Frequency 3900 MHz

DirectX 3D Hardware DirectX 10.1

OpenGL OpenGL 2.1


Outputs 2x DVI

1x HDMI (via adapter)

Package Contents HD4890, driver, HDMI adapter

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