Talktalk Offering £50 To Attract Tiscali Users

Talktalk is offering a £50 credit offer to Tiscali broadband customers who would wish to cross over and take the company's Essential Phone and Broadband package.

The Mytalktalk essentials phone and broadband costs £6.49 for a period of 18 months and comes with an internet download speed of up to 8Mbps and a 40GB data transfer limit.

New customers will receive a free wireless router, free technical support and no-limit day, evening and weekend phone calls to UK landlines as well as dozens of international destinations as well.

A number of broadband websites have advised Tiscali customers to jump ship while they could as things might just turn nasty soon at Tiscali due to their rather precarious financial situation. The Italian ISP protested and dangled the prospects of damaging legal actions against those websites.

Users will also need to pay £11.25 for the compulsory line rental as well as a one-off set up free of £29.99. In addition, users will be able to get specific boosts for £4 per month including one which allows you to upgrade your speed to the maximum supported by your line.

Tiscali however has the upper hand since its Option 1 and Option 2 offers are marginally cheaper than Talktalk and they come with unlimited broadband usage and a shorter contract term. The offer is web only.

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Our Comments

Talktalk is becoming more aggressive as it plans to take on its weakened competitor, Tiscali. Talktalk has been bold enough to start the move and expect others - Sky and Virgin - to follow suit and offer interesting packages to existing Tiscali customers. Nothing sells better than FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

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