VMWare Debuts Cloud OS vSphere 4, Targeting SMBs & Companies

VMware has taken a quantum leap in its virtualisation suite offerings by launching the all new ‘vSphere 4’ suite, which the company believes will turn out to be the core technology for corporate data centres.

The product, which is essentially a successor to VMware Infrastructure 3, integrates the ESX 4.0 hypervisor and other applications as well as infrastructure services.

Although the company claims its new product is a “cloud operating system”, not an operating system in conventional sense; instead, it organises several virtual processors across enterprise LAN and multiple cores.

However, vSphere 4 enables integration of up to eight Intel Xeon 5500 processors to function as a single virtual machine, for a range of operations including operating databases.

In addition to Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus editions, the company has also announced an affordable edition for small and medium sized businesses known as “Essentials Plus”, which will help small organisations to build virtualized mini data centres on a few servers only.

Explaining the technical significance of the product, Fredrik Rynger, a senior systems engineer with VMware mentioned “We bring cloud computing down to the server level, so any application can be put into our cloud operating system, instead of each application having to be written in .NET or some application layer.”

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Our Comments

VMWare's share price rose significantly yesterday after initially stumbling heavily on Monday morning. VMWare might have been a pioneer in Virtualisation but there are now many competitors looking for a piece of the cake which means that VMWare will have to adapt to changing conditions. VMWare market capitalisation shrunk by 75 percent since its all time high back in November 2007.

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