AMD Set to Launch 16-Core Opteron Processors In 2011

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Inc. has spruced up its Opteron processor range with the addition of a new server processor, tagged as “Istanbul”, which will include both six cores as well as a direct connect architecture and it is said to be launched in June.

Touted to deliver 30 percent more performance than the existing quad-core Opteron chips, the new Istanbul processors would certainly have an edge over Intel’s Nehalem Xeon 5500 processor in the two-socket server domains. It will also position AMD better against Intel’s six-core Dunnington Xeon 7400s for four socket servers.

Istanbul processor is tailored for the companies running multithreaded applications, and it will outperform the company’s own Shanghai server processors.

Furthermore the company also announced its server roadmap for up to 2012, with the chip maker announced to come up with a 16-cores server processor, but it won’t be launched until 2011, the company said. The chip maker will add a couple of new Opteron lines, 6000- and 4000-series, to its existing range of processors.

The all new 6000-series of Opteron processors, for 2P and 4P systems, will be intended to Maranello server platform, and will originally be manufactured using 45nm technology, dubbed as ‘Magny-Cours’, having 8- to 12-cores. However, 32nm chips codenamed Interlagos with 12- to 16-cores could be debuted a year after.

On the other hand, a new 4000-series will be intended to 1P and 2P sever segment and will introduced with San Marino server platform and C32 socket as well as 4- to 6-cores Lisbon processor.

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Our Comments

AMD's announcement comes as the global economy is facing its deepest recession in a generation, which is leaving the company battling for its survival. The new Opteron range as well as other products like its GPU and next generation integrated CPU will either make or break the company. It will be intriguing to see how the 8-core processor fares first before casting our votes on the 16-core model. It needs to scale well to offer a decent fight.

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