Google Profile Is Foundation For A Social Networking Entity

For those who face embarrassment due to the way their profile features in search results, Google has unleashed a new tool that will help web users to have an enhanced control over how their profile appear in its search.

When looking out for a name, Google users in US will see link to concise Google Profiles for web users of the searched name, clicking on to them will direct searchers to the complete Google Profile.

The search engine bellwether will now enable users to create their profiles in a way similar as they do it on social networking platforms. Like the social networking platforms, Google Profile will enable users to post their images, contact details, and other information.

In addition, users will also be allowed to link their Google Profiles to their blogs, Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as public Picasa albums.

Commenting upon the significance of the move in helping users to present themselves better in search results, Joe Kraus, product development director at Google’s apps group, said in a statement, “Google is giving people more of an opportunity to have greater presence and to surface the most relevant content about themselves in a way they have some say about”.

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Our Comments

Mark our words, Google Profile is the link between all the the various components of the Google ecosystem. Picasa, Youtube, Gmail, Gtalk could all be integrated into a single entity. The only thing missing right now is Twitter. Now if Google could revive Jaiku or even **Buy** Twitter, that would surely be an exciting prospect.

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