Nokia Comes With Music Has Only 23000 Users

Nokia's promising Comes With Music scheme could well turn out to be a very embarassing fiasco after claims that the service has only 23,000 active users in the UK.

Comes with Music, which promises unlimited music tracks on some of Nokia Xpressmusic and N-series smartphones for a whole year for a fixed fee, has had a massive exposure at the end of last year when Carphone Warehouse sponsored the popular X-Factor series.

The main reason why CMW has had such a poor start in UK has to do with the fact that the first mobile phone to get CMW approval was the obsolete Nokia 5310 XM which is still on sale for £92 at Carphone Warehouse. The phone is not even a 3G model and suffers from a small memory capacity as well.

The N95 Comes with Music has been launched early with year and costs around £400. Crucially though, none of the two are available for cheap on contracts. The Nokia 5800 XM, whose sale reached 3 million units in 3 months, still doesn't come with a CMW package.

A Nokia spokesperson told Musically that the company has been pleased with the Comes with Music scheme launches around the world. The Finnish manufacturer also provided some very interesting figures to the online website.

Local music tracks represent slightly more than a third of the downloads. Around 20 percent of tracks are downloaded over the air rather than through a computer. On average, Comes with Music users download up to 300 tracks during the first few weeks.

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Our Comments

We do not know the full details of how CWM works. The business model needs to be profitable otherwise Nokia is losing its time peddling DRM-infected song tracks. If the CMW option costs £100 per annum and the users download around 400 tracks per year, does that mean that Nokia pays only 25p per song?

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