Superfast Bluetooth 3.0 Hardware To Debut In 2010

The upcoming iteration of Bluetooth wireless technology, which is said to transfer data 10 times faster than the existing version, will be incorporated in devices as early as in a year’s time, the consortium behind Bluetooth technology announced.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which assigns industry standards and award brands, has now approved the enhancements to the software and finally laid out a unanimous standard for Bluetooth 3.0.

The next version of Bluetooth technology would have a theoretical upper limit of 60MBps data transfer rate, which would help streaming high-quality data between various media devices.

Such impressive transfer rates could be handy for transferring music or movies from a computer to mobile handset or a media player.

Incidentally, three companies - Broadcom Corp., Atheros Communications Inc., and CSR PLC - asserted that they had devices that would support the next high speed version of the Bluetooth technology.

When it comes to transferring large files using Bluetooth 3.0 chip, it borrows Wi-Fi chip within the same device, so as to perform the actual transfer, and when the Wi-Fi chip isn’t required, Bluetooth switches it off, thereby saving power considerably.

Moreover, the new technology is also said to be backward compatible, and will have the capability to communicate with the erstwhile Bluetooth equipments.

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Our Comments

The next generation Bluetooth will compete directly with Wireless USB in what could be coined the battle of the PANs (pun intended), PANs standing for Personal Area Networks. With speeds set to reach more than 400Mbps - in theory - there's much at stake especially given that it would make a perfect complement (or replacement) for Wireless HDMI. What about an iPhone that connects wireless to your Television...

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