T-Mobile And RIM Announce Pay Once Blackberry Smartphone

Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile will be selling the Blackberry Pearl 8110 from the 1st of May for £179 which will include a year's worth of email and internet.

Consumers will however need to buy top up if they want to make phone calls and send texts the traditional Pay-as-you-go way and is aiming at a younger and cash-poor audience.

The deal includes up to 1GB of data per month and will include GPS as well (ed: that's courtesy of RIM). The cheapest way to get the phone as it stands is to buy a £15 Combi 15 contract which comes with 100 minutes and unlimited texts.

The unlocked version of the phone costs an absurdly expensive £323 at Argos which is almost twice the price of T-Mobile's offer.

You will have to fork out £58.72 for the mobile phone and an additional £5 per month for the web-n-walk option. As for the 8110, it is an entry level Blackberry candybar smartphone that comes with a streamlined QWERTY keyboard, Blackberry's Internet email and a 2-megapixel camera with a flash.

The phone will only be available in silver and it is not know whether other third parties - like Play.com or Phones4u - will have them in stock.

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Our Comments

The move by T-Mobile is a world's first but we would like to see more of those, especially if users can actually benefit from other advantages like extra phone and text credits. The deal is worth around £15 which is not bad given that you get a free phone with it. In comparison, the PAYG iPhone - which offers free internet and email - costs more than £330.

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