3's CEO Announces Skypephone S3 For End Of 2009

3 looks set to launch the third iteration of its Skypephone smartphone by Q4 2009 as there are rumours that the two previous versions have been in short supply for quite some time.

Techradar reports that 3's UK CEO, Kevin Russell, reckons that the S3 will come at latest in Q4 and will be an exciting proposition. The phone will, as for its predecessors, be a Skype Platform first and foremost.

Russell has also dismissed any claims that the phone will be targeting the likes of the iPhone or other Android smartphones, saying that he prefers to concentrate on cheap prepay handsets rather than £45 per month contracts.

It is very likely that the S3 (or INQ2) will be designed by Inq Mobile Limited and as the INQ1, will be marketed as a social mobile. The INQ1 won the best mobile handset a the 2009 GSMA Global Mobile Awards earlier this year and sales have been brisk.

Since its introduction last August, 3 has smartly priced the INQ1 for as little as £15 a month on contract and £88.29 including free £10 topup. The S1 is no longer available for sale although you should be able to get clearance stock online or on Ebay.

The S2 may have made a big difference, as we wrote last year, but the S3 could make an even bigger difference especially to Three's bottom line as users look for the best mobile deal anywhere.