Expresso Book Machine Prints Book On Demand In Minutes

If you are walking by Blackwell bookshops, near Charing Cross Road in Central London, chances are that you might want to pop in to buy a book.

The book chain has purchased a new device that prints up books at the speed of 105 pages per minute from a catalog of more than 400,000 books with another 600,000 books coming up within the next few months according to the company.

The Expresso Book Machine is a boon since it allows out of print books to be printed and get rid of issues associated with ordering, delivering and process management.

According to the Daily Mail, Blackwell has already said that it will be ordering more of the rather bulky machines if the trial at its Charing Cross store becomes a success.

The only issue is that the Expresso is expensive even at 10p a page and need users to be at ease with interacting with a touchscreen (although, according to the pictures, you will be able to use a keyboard and a mouse to interface with the Apple Mac system).

Budding writers will also be able to bring in their own USB sticks or the CD - just like you would do at a photo booth - and walk away with a 1050-page book in less than 10 minutes.

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The device costs a whopping $175,000 but Blackwell is confident that it will be able to pay for itself within 12 months. Now some might say that the technology is obsolete since there are already alternatives like the Amazon Kindle or Sony's E-reader which will make books a thing of the past soon. But that may happen in the future, we believe that there is still room for paperbacks and printed books.

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