Facebook Users Choose New TOS Document

Facebook Inc. announced that it would enforce a couple of new governing documents after nearly three-fourths of the Facebook users who participated in voting favoured the new terms of use proposed by the company.

Back in February, the social networking platform drawn fierce criticisms over the changes it brought in its terms and conditions of use which reportedly seemed to give the website control over users’ data, even in case users deleted their accounts.

Incidentally, in a bid to deal with the users’ dissatisfaction over the proposed changes, the website held a week-long vote to decide upon whether to employ new proposed set of terms and conditions which gives enhanced control to its users over their content.

However, the website notified that around 30 percent of its total 200 million users turned out for vote, out of which 74.4 percent voted in favour of the new set of terms and conditions.

Commenting upon this small turnout, Ted Ullyot, general counsel for Facebook, wrote in his blog, “We’d hoped to have a bigger turnout for this inaugural vote, but it is important to keep in mind that this vote was a first for users just like it was a first for Facebook”.

Facebook is expected to adopt the new terms of use, after the results are audited by Ernst and Young.

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Our Comments

Much ado about nothing. After the ruckus caused by the unilateral decision by Facebook to change their Terms and conditions, the company chose to allow the users to make their choice and unsurprisingly they went for the new terms and conditions. This proves, if needs be, that users like to be given a choice, rather than being coerced into accepting somethingt hey don't understand.

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