The Five Ps Of An Ideal PC

Buying an ideal PC is a nerve racking task because it doesn't exist per se. You can only buy a computer that suits your needs (and wants) now, knowing that it will be obsolete the second you actually pay for it.

Which is why created a framework, born out of hundreds of purchasing advices bestowed over the years, made of five "P" features through which you can identify your "ideal" computer.

(1) Price

Your budget is going to determine what you can buy. This is a pretty straight forward statement, but not necessarily what you would expect to hear when you think of an ideal PC. Actually, we strongly believe that any computer will need replacement every 18 months or so. So rather than fork out £4000 to get a top notch machine, we'd rather spend that outlay in £2000 parts to make sure that we're up to speed.

What's more, selling your rig and starting afresh will not only provide you with more opportunities but also bring you an additional revenue bonus. What are the chances of a £4000 computer rig actually costing more than an eighth of the price after 3 years? Plus you can get great Quad Core computers for under £500. The bottom line is that you don't need to spend loads to get an ideal PC.

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