Google Rehauls Youtube In Bid To Bring In More Revenues

Within a few days after an analyst highlighted YouTube as a loss making venture, its parent company Google seems all set to make some money out of this hugely popular online video platform.

Along the same line, Google is establishing partnerships with some of the media heavyweights that would eventually help the company generating more advertising revenues from a huge chunk of videos hosted on YouTube.

The website sees addition of some new sections on movies and television shows and announced contracts with media giants, like Sony Pictures, MGM, Lions Gate Entertainment, Starz, and CBS, to bring in more content to its platform.

Google has brought upon some refreshing changes in the website’s design, which includes the addition of four new tabs, namely Music, Shows, Movies and Videos. The tabs under Music, Movies and Shows will contain premium content, and all these offerings will be monetised with in-streaming advertising.

In addition to this, YouTube has now become more social with the addition of a new feature, dubbed as “RealTime”, which enables users to know what their friends are doing on the website.

Touting the significance of the new feature, Google said, “This is building on the success of the YouTube friend activity feed, letting people see what their friends are watching, rating, commenting on, etc.”

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Our Comments

Is Google desperate to make Youtube profitable? You bet they are. Youtube is currently losing money even if they are one of the biggest search engines (and the largest video website on the web). However, having to monetise this traffic, is proving to be very difficult especially during recession times.

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