T-Mobile Celebrates One Millionth G1 Smartphone Sold

T-Mobile’s Android powered G1 handset is gradually gaining grounds with over 1 million units of the handset already been sold in the US since it debuted six months back.

T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom disclosed the figure alongside its quarterly results announcements earlier this week, as mentioned by technology blog Telephony Unfiltered. With this impressive number, G1 accounts for around two-thirds of total 3G phones currently available with T-Mobile’s networks.

As of now, G1 is the only Android powered handset available in the US market, with the market is keenly waiting for the new HTC Magic. However, the magical number of 1 million serves as a testimony for the rising popularity of the handset.

In addition to this, a new report from AdMob also showed that Android now ranks fourth and accounts for a considerable 6 percent share of the US smartphone domains, in terms of operating systems, with iPhone is leading all the way followed by Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

In spite of the impressive figure, the sales lagged far behind when compared to iPhone, as a whopping 1.6 million iPhones were sold on the AT&T’s network in the US during first quarter of the year.

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Our Comments

One million is always a landmark. As a comparison, the iPhone first generation sold 270,000 in the first 30 hours while one million iPhone 3G were sold within the first 3 days on sale. The Nokia 5800 XM sold 1 million units per month since its launch 3 months ago. The G1 is already six month old and is just crossed that milestone, hopefully the HTC Magic will fare better.

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