3 Ways To Get Books & Magazines For Cheaper & Quicker

The Espresso Book Machine which is already in operation in Blackwell, the book chain company, is a great idea if you are ready to pay 10p per page to print and bind books but in these days of economic crisis, not many want to pay £100 for a 1000-page book, even if it is out of print.

So here's 3 other ways of getting books (and more) for cheaper and faster.

If you are a regular book buyer and use Amazon a lot, then you could try Amazon's Price service which provides you with unlimited one-day delivery with over one million eligible items and exclusive discounts on express delivery and evening delivery to London and Birmingham.

At £47.97 per annum, it is relatively expensive but could well pay for itself in a few days. What's more, you could try Amazon Prime for one month with no minimum order, which is great if you only want to order a few books over a couple of weeks. You can find more about Amazon Prime and sign up for a free trial here.

The other source where you can get actual books and magazines - tens of thousands of them for free - is Google Book search which specialises in out of copyright books and magazines as well.

Google has approximately 1 million full view books which you can download as a PDF document and print out subsequently. Other similar projects that offer full content include the Internet Archive project with more than 1.3 million books while Project Gutenberg which houses more than 129,000 books.

You could also try Zinio, one of the easiest ways to get your hands on magazines like PC World, Mac World or the Economist, complete with adverts. With prices starting from $5 per year for 12 copies of a magazine like "Budget Decorating" - that's less than 30p per magazine per month. Zinio allows you to print 2 pages at a time. Find out more about this service here.

To print those magazines and books, grab a colour laser printer for as low as £99 or a mono colour printer starting from under £45 and you're off to print thousands of page in one swoop. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way of doing the binding easily and quickly for an affordable price.

And if you are still convinced that Blackwell is the way forward, why not register to get their rewards card. Blackwell rewards allows users to get around 5 percent cash back on their purchases at the book stores through a point scheme. Every £100 purchased yields a £5 cashback. More about it here.