AMD Phenom II X4 955 CPU On Sale For £207

A number of UK retailers have started to sell AMD's latest flagship processor, the X4 955, for as little as £206.50 including VAT and delivery.

The processor, which runs at 3.2GHz and has 8MB Cache, costs almost twice the price of the X4 9650 which comes with a quarter of the cache memory and a 900MHz speed difference.

The X4 955 - which carries the manufacturing code HDZ955FBGIBOX - is compatible with both AM3 and AM2+ socket and dissipates a rather high TDP of 125W, which is comparable to the TDP of Core i7 and the Pentium D 940.

Furthermore, the CPU - which is based on the Deneb core - packs nearly 760 million transistors and is built using a 45nm SOI manufacturing process. AMD is planning to move to 32nm in partnership with IBM.

In addition, as this is a Black Edition model, it can be easily overclocked because it is unlocked. Overclockers have been able to crank up the speed to more than 4GHz on air and some have been able to overclock the 955 BE to 6.7GHz - more than double the CPU's speed - using liquid helium.

Speeds above 7GHz could be reached down the road which means that AMD could well release a 3.4GHz CPU later, which will be AMD's fastest processor by a distance. This means that AMD could eventually catch up with the i7 940 at least, although the forthcoming i5 family could well change everything.

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Our Comments

AMD needs to catch up quickly with Intel and at the same time ramp up the other processor segments - notably the mobile ones - where Intel has a seemingly unassailable lead.

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