LG GD900 Crystal Comes At Carphone Warehouse Soon

Carphone Warehouse has announced that it will be selling the LG GD900 transparent smartphone within the next few weeks on PAYG and for free on contracts.

The phone is best known for its completely transparent tempered glass - but hollow - keypad that morphes into a touchpad - like the ones on laptops - to browse the web and more.

Carphone Warehouse apparently got the exclusivity on this phone. You can already pre-order the phone on Carphone Warehouse from now.

The sliding keypad illuminates with a cool glow that, according to LG, "reflects the phone’s sleek and polished silver body". The GD900 comes with a dedicated Bluetooth handset, WiFi & GPRS compatibility as well as a front-view camera.

The rest of the phone's specifications are pretty standard for a mid-range slider. It comes with a 8-megapixel camera, video capabilities and a microSD card reader.

LG has also managed to include a 2.6-inch touchscreen display that supports 240x400 pixels plus a 3D interface, which should make navigation easier, as well as handwriting recognition capabilities integrated in the keypad.

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Our Comments

The LG GD900 is a gorgeous phone but will punters buy style over substance? We like the fact that there's a touchscreen AND a sliding keypad. Expect it to be available on deals from £30 and above. CW has not said what network will sell the GD900.

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